Distinguished Gentlemans Ride
Date: 30 August 2017
Simon Whittaker

Hi all VVCMCC Members,
as you know every year I try and raise funds by asking for a small donation to my Distinguished Gentlemans Ride fundraising..as well as organising the 24th september event too..All the money goes towards Men's prostate cancer research programs as well as mens suicide prevention programs and support..

Prostate cancer is one of the biggest cancer killer of men and I try to raise awareness and the importance of getting tested every year..I really am lucky to have your support every year and am very grateful for all your donations...And I hope to see lots of you dressed up and on the ride! There's a custom toolbox and many other great raffle prizes to win on the day..

I'll also be doing a BIG raffle at the OCTOBER 5th vvcmcc meeting too...so everyone come along to that!

My goal this year is to raise $5000+...

It takes a couple of minutes on a safe & secure site and you can use a CC or paypal and it's tax deductable of course..
click here and donate if you can..

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

thank you in advance
Simon Whittaker

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