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The Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club of ACT

Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th January 2012
'Girder Fork Motorcycles'















Report by the Rally Secretary, Lisa Mill

I think everyone would agree that we were so very fortunate with the weather this year. There were threats of rain for all days however it held off and Monday had seriously crappy weather. This year with the public holiday being on the Thursday, the Committee decided that we would take advantage and offer registration and the welcome BBQ on Thursday and rides from Friday morning. Craig reported on the Friday rides last month so I won't double up on that.

Saturday morning saw the remainder of the Rallyists register and catch up with others. It gets busy at the Registration Desk so big thanks to Jo Donges and Kath Richards for their help during the morning. Pole called the troops together to brief the riders on the long and short route. Same as last year, the longer route had some hills while the shorter route was fairly flat, so all bikes were catered for. Craig and I went the short route this year and the Marshalls were ever diligent to point us in the right direction. It's a great road with plenty of scenery and a variety of roads.

Morning tea was a fabulous spread of cakes, biscuits and fruit along with cold and hot drinks. There was an assortment of bikes on show at the Lake George viewing area and I am always impressed that the Rally attracts such a variety of marques and sizes. John Simpfendorfer, one of the Coota collective came back this year on his step through Honda and arrived with grin as did Jules Croker on her spiffy DT 250 and Ray on his 80cc Yamaha.

Pole got us back in plenty of time for lunch (and kept the caterers very happy), taking us back the short route way and kept us off the high speed highway for most of it for which many were grateful. The judging area was chockers with both bikes and admirers. So many bikes worthy of prizes it was hard to pick one for each category. The one thing about having such a successful Rally is the ton of votes that need to entered into the Rally database to calculate the peoples choices. A huge thanks to Kath Richards and Simon Freeman who sat with me reading out the endless numbers. Also, thanks to Peter Dunster and his team of judges who had the task of picking the Best Of's. Peter said it was particularly hard this year with the choices on show.

The Presentation Dinner at the Carotel was again well attended and this year Dick Holland changed the format of the raffles which was well received and very entertaining. Dick did a great job of sourcing out the raffle prizes and there were comments that the raffle was quite enjoyable and Mick Gentleman was an excellent MC. Winners for each of the categories were announced and the Best Of's awarded with Peter Davey's Brough Superior claiming the best of his category, best British, best Girder Fork and Peter winning the King of the Rally. A special thanks to Allan Boyd who beat the pavement and visited all the bike shops in town and other industries to get sponsorships for the trophies and financial support for the Rally.

Sunday morning and we were anxious again about the weather and if the rain would show. Pole called the Marshals together and sorted out who went where and sent them on their way before calling the riders in for riders brief to get us to Woods Reserve, however this year we went down the Monaro Highway to Johnson Drive then to Tharwa and up to Woods Reserve. Again morning tea was a fine selection of fruit and cakes along with tea, coffee and cold drinks. Many thanks to all who baked for both morning teas; everyone very muchly appreciated the home cooking to sate our appetites and to keep the energies up with the trip back to the Carotel. The trip back this year was via the Cotter, a road always popular with our visitors. Again Pole got us all back in time for lunch and again keeping our caterers happy and the route well received by the riders.

Another successful Rally has come and gone and on behalf of the Committee I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped out: all the BBQ chefs who slaved away on Thursday night, Friday lunch and Friday night, all the Marshalls and back up drivers (too many to name but be assured you were all appreciated). A huge thanks to Pole for all the work in organising the Marshalls and back up drivers and sorting out the routes - a monster task in itself. Thanks to Steve Keough for designing the entry forms and the maps and for all the work he puts into the website. Another huge thanks to Allan Boyd for sourcing out all the Rally sponsorships. Thanks to the Morning Tea Crews on Saturday and Sunday as well as the bakers.

Until next year,
Lisa Mill

Rally Trophy Winners

Best Veteran (up to 1918) - Richard Corbet - 1914 Triumph 4HP
Runner up Veteran -
Rob Woolley - 1917 Harley Davidson J

Best Vintage (1919 – 1930) - Bob Courtney - 1927 Triumph N de Lux
Runner up Vintage -
Bernie Medway - 1924 FN

Best Pre-War Classic (1931 – 1945) - Peter Davey - 1939 Brough Superior SS80
Runner up Pre-War Classic -
Owen Johnson - 1937 Ariel Red Hunter

Best Post-War Classic (1946 – 1960) - Ian Pryde - 1946 Indian Chief
Runner up Post-War Classic -
Daryl Smith - 1951 AJS Model 20

Best Popular Classic (1961 – 1970) - Michael Zammit - 1962 Norton SS
Runner up Popular Classic -
Graham Whitty - 1963 Honda CB

Best Cherished Classic (1971 – 1982) - Craig Tilley - 1976 Ducati SS
Runner up Cherished Classic -
Mick Gentleman - 1972 Yamaha DS7

Best Modern - Lyndon Tilbrook - 1985 Ducati MHR Mille
Runner up Modern -
David Stevenson - 2004 Kawasaki Solo

Best Outfit - Glen Liddell - 1944 Indian Chief

Best Military - Anthony Meany - 1943 Harley WLA
Runner up Military -
Jim Carmody - 1942 BSA WM20

Best Triumph Twin (Myles Gilmour Perpetual Trophy) - Cheryl Boyce - 1969 Triumph Bonneville

Best Triumph - Steve Davey - 1938 Triumph Tiger 90

Best AJS/Matchless -
Daryl Smith - 1951 AJS Model 20

Best American -
Ian Pryde - 1946 Indian Chief

Best British -
Peter Davey - 1939 Brough Superior SS80

Best BSA -
Ross Johnson - 1930 BSA Sloper

Best Norton -
Michael Zammit - 1962 Norton SS

Best Japanese -
Stewart Ross - 1980 Honda CB900FA

VV&CMCC Restoration -
Mick Gentleman - 1972 Yamaha DS7

Hard Luck Trophy -
Gordon Halliday - 1959 Matchless

Lady Rider -
Susan Gosper - 1944 Indian Chief

Most Desirable Unrestored -
Peter Goodwin - 1936 Rudge Special

Most Desirable Girder Fork Entrant -
Peter Davey - 1939 Brough Superior SS80

Peter Davey - 1939 Brough Superior SS80


Winners Photos


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