Other Events

The Veteran Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club of ACT Inc.


17-18 Feb 18
Orange Country Rally based at the Scout Camp near Lake Canobolas. Entries close 12 February. Details Brian 0439 784 737

2-4 Mar 18
The VJMC National Rally will return to Tamworth NSW on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th in 2018. Entries close Friday 3 February - https://vjmc.org.au/

10-11 Mar 18
Red Scarf Rally starting at Black Beach Kiama. Long and short runs. Details John 0407 939 101

30 Mar-2Apr 18
Council of Heritage Motor Clubs Annual Rally at Narrabri. Open for all pre-1988 vehicles and open to members of Council Affiliated Clubs. Entries from members of non CHMC clubs will be accepted after November 1st, 2017. Entries will close at 200 or January 31st 2018, whichever is reached first. http://heritagemotoringcouncil.org.au/

4-6 May 18
The PRE-31 Autumn Tour for veteran and vintage vehicles.
Hosted by Parkes Antique Motor Club and supported by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) http://heritagemotoringcouncil.org.au/

16-17 Jun 18
Debenham Rally starting from Moss Vale Caravan Park.
Details Merle 4623 7202


21 Jan 18
Goulburn Bike Only Swap Meet Goulburn Showground. Gates open at 6.00am

26-28 Jan 18
Phillip Island Classic - http://islandclassic.com.au/

27 Jan 18
Narooma Motors Annual Car Show Classic, fancy car & bike Meet and Greet at Nata Oval. Free entry http://www.naroomamotors.com/annual-car-show

25 Mar 18
Goulburn Swap Meet



Financial VVC members are advised that approval is hereby given to attend events promulgated by Clubs affiliated with the ACT and NSW Councils of Historic Motoring Clubs.

The Event must be recorded in your Log Book prior to departure and approval for all promulgated events outside the ACT and NSW must be sought from the VVC Registrar.

VVC Registrar approval must be sought for individual attendance at any non-promulgated events in any State/Territory.

If you have any doubts...... Contact the Registrar, Phil Sell on 0413 153 019... prior to setting off on the interstate event.

Please don't forget your Log Book.

VVCMCC Policy on Overnight and Other Runs
in Addition to Club Events

Concessional Registration Scheme is only viable if Clubs adhere to the governing rules. A member can have his/her Concessional Registration revoked and Plates confiscated if they are found not to comply.

The Club endorses the use of V Plate Bikes if the following are adhered to:

Overnight runs:

  • Date and destination of the event approved by the Committee. The event will not be approved if it clashes with important events for the Club such as but not limited to the Swap Meet, Presentation Dinner.
  • The event once approved by the Committee will appear in the Magazine and Website as an upcoming Club event.
  • A roll call is to be provided to the Registrar at the conclusion of the event.
  • Overnight runs are open to all members

Additional Runs (generally overnight runs) organised by Club Members:
  • Each participant to request permission to take a V Plate bike from the Registrar prior to the event. The participants approval from the Registrar should be taken to the event as proof of approval in case of any issues with Police etc.
  • The event will not appear as an upcoming Club event, it will not be advertised.
  • Additional runs are generally by invitation only

No Morisset Points for either as Points are for local events only

Back up trailer: if not required elsewhere by the Club, may be borrowed for the overnight event or additional run. $40 petrol reimbursement will be provided for Overnight runs endorsed by the Club and listed as an upcoming event. No reimbursement for additional runs organised by Club members.

Whoever organises the event takes responsibility for the event.

The organiser may apply for a MA Permit if the organiser feels it appropriate.

Attendance at other Clubs Rallies and runs are permissible if they have been noted in the Clubs magazine or Website.

  • Morisset Points will not be awarded for attendance at other Clubs Rallies.
  • Back up trailer may be borrowed if not required by the Club however there will be no petrol reimbursement for its use.