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The Veteran Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club of ACT Inc.

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Renewals for 2024-2025

To renew, please complete the online form. Make sure you select 'Submit' and see the confirmation screen.

You can also download a paper version of the form.

A club for 'People Interested in Old Motorcycles'.

The VVCMCC is a Canberra based club welcoming classic motorcycle enthusiasts of all marques.

If you are interested in old motorcycles and wish to become involved in a challenging hobby to restore or recreate a piece of historic machinery, or if you just wish to ride with like-minded people and have a great time, join "our Club".

How will it benefit you, and how will you benefit our club? Acceptance into our membership is not automatic.

We don’t have a slow and complex vetting process requiring a Committee to vote on new memberships, but we expect new members to support our common interest.

The VVCMCC ACT exists for the purpose of supporting and encouraging the continued use of historic motorcycles. Particularly those that represent machines of their era.

We don’t sponsor vehicles more suited to the “Modified Vehicle Scheme” (there are other clubs more appropriate), and we only sponsor cars for active members who already have sponsored motorcycles.

Please take a moment to read the following which may help you decide if our club is for you:

  • Be of good character and avoid bringing the club into disrepute.
  • Be a good representative and uphold the reputation of the Club, be mindful that your actions reflect the Club’s values.
  • Treat all Club members and their property with respect.
  • Do not make racial, ethnic or gender-related slurs.
  • Respect and appreciate the Volunteers who give up their time to help the Club and/or events.
  • Abide by road rules and state/territory/national laws including and not limited to public health restrictions and requirements.
  • Be respectful toward public officers including police, fire, road, emergency and authorised staff.
  • Support the activities of the Club by attending runs and events throughout the year. Remember that all new members, past, present and future indicate their interest in historic motorcycles and a desire to attend events.
  • Volunteer for backup trailer, BBQ trailer or assist at the annual swap meet, rally or other events if/when you can.
  • Always report violations of the Member Code of Conduct policy to the Club
  • Committee or the Club Floor Member.

Please Note:

  • This club is first and foremost for encouraging and supporting the maintenance and use of historic motorcycles, secondly for its members who enjoy and wish to be around historic motorcycles, and lastly for those who appreciate motorcycles of all marques, era or style.
  • Club members are usually interested in our club for the following reasons:
    • They own, restore, or have a connection with historic, classic or collector motorcycles.
    • They enjoy riding historic motorcycles.
    • They enjoy riding alongside other historic motorcycles.
    • Our club caters for these members by endeavouring to provide:
    • Regular club rides and events, and attendance at public vehicle displays.
    • A club website plus a regular magazine.
    • Backup trailer support and BBQ trailer where possible and appropriate.
    • Sponsorship for concessional registration of historic motorcycles

General Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 8:00pm, at the Spanish Australian Club of Canberra, 5 Narupai Street, Narrabundah, ACT 2604, which normally attract many members and several visitors.

The Club year runs from 1 May to 30 April, renewal forms will be printed and included in the March Bike Torque.  At that time, the online renewal form will be made available and will have instructions including the Club's bank account details for your fee transfer. Members renewing after 1 August will incur a $10 late fee and will only be able to renew the old fashion way of printing out the form and mailing it and the fee to the Club's PO Box, bringing it to a General Meeting or Club event.   

To view the Club Rules, click here: Club Rules

To view other club standing notices, click here: Notices

To join the club, you need to be nominated and seconded by a current member (the membership application form can be found on the link below).  This can be done a general meeting, held on the first Thursday of the month at the Spanish Australian Club in Narrabundah. The meeting starts at 8PM so please come early so we can discuss your application.

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