Morisset Presentation Dinner      
    Saturday 29 August 2015      
  The Spanish Australia Club again hosted a fantastic night for our Presentation Dinner.  59 members booked in to for the fabulous food, to see who won what and to enjoy each other’s company.   All present had a wonderful night and were certainly well fed.  Many thanks to Chris Lander and the Spanish Australia Club for an outstanding dinner of roast meat, vegies and a sumptuous seafood paella.  And as for the dessert – WOW what a delicious spread. 
For the 2014/15 year, we had 29 runs and there was 40 members who volunteered their time with back up and/or BBQ trailer duties.  A huge thank you to all those who helped out during the year, without your assistance there would be stranded bikes and hungry people at the end of a ride!! 
The Presentation dinner acknowledges not just those who bought their bikes out but also an individual who has assisted the Club above and beyond.  This year there was no hesitation at the Committee Meeting to nominate Simon Whittaker for all that he has done over the years.  He has always been out there promoting and representing the Club.  He was Regalia Officer for a while, has supported the club through organising the banners, he initiated the Vintage Trail Bike Ride a number of years ago, helped out with regalia for last year’s TT Rally, and is promoting prostate cancer research through the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.   In the last few years, Simon has been among the top fundraisers in the world!  Well done Simon and well deserved. 
We were also able to present Peter Toet with his Life Membership plaque (and replacement carry box so the cardboard box held together with tape can be retired), acknowledging his selfless contributions to the Club, keeping the wheels turning and helping make the Club as good as it is.  It may not be well known but if it wasn’t for Peter a few years ago, the Club would have been force to fold.  Since then he has been instrumental in keeping the Club on track, ensuring that people enjoy the benefits of their membership.  He has been a tireless leader and the Committee has certainly appreciated his clam demeanour and wicked sense of humour.  
Thanks to Peter Toet and Paul Dunster for their entertaining presentations of the trophies.  Never a dull moment with these two. Phil Sell has taken out the Overall winner again this year, though the margin is closing in with Rob Harris only 6 points behind.
Congratulations to all the winners.
Cheers, Lisa 
  Category Place Winner  
    Ladies 1st Place Lisa Mill  
    2nd Place Lorraine Litster  
    3rd Place Chris Hillbrick-Boyd  
    Modern Class for a Machine of up to 15 years old (2000-2015) 1st Place John Somerville  
    2nd Place Rick Costan  
    =3rd Place Rod Rance  
    =3rd Place Peter Radtke  
    Cherished Class for a machine from 16 years to 29 years old (1986-1999) = 1st Place Dave Phillis  
    = 1st Place Don Thomas  
    = 1st Place Geoff Williams  
    ‘Post Classic’ Class for a machine from 1962 to 30 years old (1962-1985)  1st Place Chris Young  
    =2nd Place Marty Van Sebille  
    =2nd Place Craig Mill  
    =2nd Place Lisa Mill  
    ‘Postwar Classic’ for a machine made from 1946 to 1961  =1st Place Peter Dunster  
    =1st Place Phil Sell  
    2nd Place John Waldron  
    3rd Place Col Hill  
    ‘Prewar Classic’ for a machine made from 1931 to 1945  = 1st Place Rob Harris  
    = 1st Place Glen Liddell  
    2nd Place Bryce Anderson  
    3rd Place Peter Toet  
    ‘Vintage’ for a machine made from 1919 to 1930  1st Place Dave Clifton  
    2nd Place Mark Wright  
    3rd Place Bob Courtney  
    ‘Veteran’ for a machine made up to the end of 1918  1st Place Geoff Nicholas  
    Overall 1st Place Phil Sell  
    2nd Place Rob Harris  
    3rd Place Steve Davey  
    Club Person of the Year Simon Whittaker  
    Life Membership Peter Toet