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Vintage Trail Ride and BBQ
Sunday, 24 March 2013

Backup Driver: Ian Stevens
BBQ Chef: Len Skipper

Report by Lou Baljak

What a way to start the Vintage trail ride; ...heaps of time to spare, a beautiful day forecast, and I load my 1973 Honda XL350 onto the trailer for the Vintage trail bike ride. As I leave home something is bugging me about not being right, and I realise half way to the Uriarra (meeting point) that out of all my riding gear that I've loaded I've left my helmet behind!......

U Turn and back home, after getting my helmet and feeling under pressure to get to Uriarra, I encounter every red light you can have on the way there ... even road works!
As I passed the Stromlo bike reserve, Mark (TT500) was on the side of the road, so I slowed to pull over thinking he was broken down, but he waved me on to keep going.
On arrival at Uriarra there were 8 dirt bikes and some keen members on road bikes that had also showed to see the morning out.

Running late, it was decided that we would leave without the support trailer as there was no sign of Ian in the backup vehicle.

Anthony led the ride out, and when we got to our first T junction I told him to keep going and I'd be the corner man.

As the bikes started arriving at the corner, Rick (Honda MT250 1974) told me that there had been a breakdown not far from our starting point.
I knew there was only one bike to come through, and it was Bill on his immaculate Bultaco 250, so I decided to head back as there was no support vehicle.
I nearly got most of the way back when I saw Bill on this brilliant Bultaco heading towards me. I did a U turn, overtook Bill and waited at the T junction. As Bill was approaching there was more dust following: Ian had made a late turn-up. I worded Ian up that there were 8 bikes and off we went. The ride flowed smoothly and I think I was surprised as to how much tar there was to get to the dirt trails, but none the less it was all very spectacular and green.

At our regroup Bill (Bultaco 250) rode straight passed us, with Don on his 650 Elephant having to chase him down.

As we meandered our way through the harder parts of the fire trail all bikes made it through all without any issues.

Thanks to Ian for his LATE backup trailer support and to Len Skipper for the BBQ. Thanks also to Simon for attending and giving us a verbal route for the ride. A good time was had by all.

See you all next Vintage trail ride.


...some PHOTOS from the ride can be seen HERE


Lou Baljak
Honda XL350
Rick Costan
Honda XT250
Allan Boyd
Yamaha DT250
Mark Boddy
Yamaha IT 175F
Bill Brain
Bultaco 370
Carlos Calisto
Honda CB750F
Don Thomas
Cagiva Elefat 650
Simon Whittaker
Honda 400TT
Craig and Lisa Mill
John Somerville
Triumph Bonneville
Geoff Duddy
Triumph T100
Anthony Meany
Denis Murphy
Len Skiper
BBQ Chef
Ian Stevens
Back Up Trailer

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