Araluen "pist-n-broke" Overnight Run for V plated Bikes
17-18 March 2012

On Saturday the 17th March a small group of VVC members attended our 3rd V-plate-only ride to the Araluen Pub, organised by Stu Green (stumpy).

We met at Bungendore at 10am and had to rethink our planned route as the recent heavy rain had damaged a lot of the the local roads, especially the road to Nerriga where we had arranged to meet up with some of the Shoalhaven Club members for lunch.

After much consultation we decided to have lunch at Braidwood where we were joined by Eddy who had ridden up from the coast. So after a tasty counter lunch we headed for Araluen.

The Ride to Araluen was a lot of fun with the downhill section the highlight.
We arrived at the Pub at about 3pm and after check-in settled in to a few refreshments and much discussion on all things motorcycle.

The publican and staff set a great dinner for us and not long after we all wandered off to bed.

Sunday morning saw a few sore heads and a lot of whinging about peoples snoring habits (we voted Steve Keough as the Champ with Stumpy a close second).
Marty even resorted to a fold out bed in the hallway.

After great brekky we headed for home with a coffee stop at Braidwood, where Eddy left us.

Unfortunately, midway between Braidwood and Bungendore, Mickey G's Triumph came to a smokey stop, and after careful examination by all the experts we discovered a nasty looking hole in the right hand piston!

Stumpy's mate Jordy who lives in Bungendore came to the rescue and took the bike back to Mick's house in Calwell later that day while Dick pillioned Mick home an the AJS.

We all had a great time on this ride. Many thanks to Stumpy for organising it, to the Araluen Pub for their hospitality, and to the group for a lot of laughs.
Hopefully it wont be to long before we ride again.

Note: there were no Morriset points or back up trailer money awarded or offered on this ride!


Roll Call
Dick Holland - AJS
Stu Green - Triumph
Marty Van Sebille - Honda
Mick Gentleman - Triumph
Steve Keough - BMW
Angus Laburn - Triumph
Eddy Ruiz - Triumph


Some photos can be seen HERE