The Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club of ACT Inc.
34th ANNUAL RALLY 2011
celebrating '100 Years of the Rudge'

Saturday 22nd to Monday 24th January 2011

- Report by Lisa Mill

The Rally has come and gone and it seems just like yesterday that the Committee got the ball rolling in getting organised for the Rally. OK, not quite yesterday...

We decided on a new route for Saturday, to take in more of the country roads on offer in the local area and as usual to cater for all sizes of machines a long and short route was available. I took the long route to the Lake George viewing area and thoroughly enjoyed it.

As "Tail End Charlene" I came across a few bikes that had failed to proceed however it wasn't long before the back up trailers arrived and fortunately we didn't run out of room on them. By the time I got to the Viewing Area most people were enjoying morning tea and swapping tales and war stories with each other.

There were many bikes/riders glad that the route back was the "short route" down the country roads and not straight down the frightful highway. We really are lucky here with the variety of roads and lanes on our doorstep offering sweeping views and corners, just made for motorcycling.

With so many bikes to look at, admire and judge, lunch ended up being a tad rushed as the kitchen had required us out of the hall by 2PM so they could start preparation for the Dinner.

There were 165 bikes entered in Rally (the oldest being a 1911 Bradbury) and I must admit I love seeing everything from the unrestored/as found machines to concourse and everything in between. Out of the 165 entered, 8 were Rudges - our feature Marque this year. I can say though that every one of them got at least one point in the judging.

The presentation dinner was held at the Carotel and the food was wonderful and from all accounts everyone enjoyed themselves. Dessert was served fairly quickly after the main so we were able to hold the raffles and presentations all at once. From the raffle money collected we donated $500 for the Queensland flood appeal. A list of the trophy winners are below so I won't list them here.

The ride out to the Cotter area on the Sunday is always popular and I think we'd be hung if ever we change this. With my Rally duties all but over I was able to ride out with Craig - me on my Z500 and him on his RD350LC. We had a ball and love that road. Craig's Dad swapped the car for a BSA just after the Cotter for a blat on the country roads. It was wonderful riding together and the Ol' Man ain't no slouch!! I think the grin caused a problem for him removing his helmet though.

Recent rains had caused some damage to the roads - a big thank you to the Marshalls who slowed us down when needed, it was very much appreciated and I heard many say so. Morning tea at Woods Reserve was in full swing by the time we got there and there was plenty of yummies and healthies to tide us over until lunch.

We offer a ride on the Monday morning for those who are still in town. This year as the public holiday was on Wednesday, the numbers were a bit lower than previous years. 4 Club members and 3 visitors took to the roads for the annual tour of the lookouts led by Lorraine.

After visiting Black Mountain we headed off to the Red Hill Lookout and thought a coffee would be in order. Alas, the cafe was closed so we headed to the Deacon shops for refreshments. From there we ventured to Mount Ainslie which is always a popular spot to take in the views of Canberra. Craig and I headed off home from here, after thoroughly enjoying the day and indeed the weekend.

This years survey form included a question as to the timing of the Rally - Australia Day weekend or Canberra Day weekend. I haven't tallied the numbers as yet - watch this space.

The Committee as always appreciates feedback so that we can continue to provide a Rally that everyone can enjoy.

As with any major event, there are many people to thank and I sincerely apologise if I have missed anyone. Let me know if I have and I'll sweet talk the Bike Torque Editor in letting me rectify that in the next issue.

Many thanks to the following people:

- The VVCMCC Committee - for stepping in and getting the show on the road and putting up with my nagging.

- Col Hill for setting me up with the Rally Ledger, guidance, banking, permits and support.

- Allan Boyd & Chris Hillbrick-Boyd for the Friday night and Sunday BBQ, Saturday morning tea, for sourcing the sponsorships and for printing the Presentation Dinner Menus.

- Ann and Peter Toet for Sunday morning tea.

- Ann & Peter, Stew Ross, Errol Hudson, John Broad, Craig Mill, Col Hill for marking out the judging area.

- Lorraine Litster for organising the Marshalls

- Dick Holland for sourcing out the raffle prizes for the Rally Dinner.

- Chris and Wanda Bridgeland, Paul Wetherspoon, Ray Lipscome, Bill Lewis, Mick Gentleman for back up trailer duties.

- James Litster for Tail End Charlie duties for the short route Saturday.

- Jim Greethead for Tail end Charlie duties Saturday's route back and Sunday.

- Simon Freeman and Craig Mill for helping me with entering the ballots into the database.

- Steve Butcher for all your support and the pats on the back.

- Ann & Peter for cleaning up on Monday

- To my wonderful husband Craig who put up with the late nights and late dinners and for all his support.

- To all the Marshalls who diligently told us where to go.

- Mick Gentleman for MC duties at the presentation dinner.

- To everyone who attended and made the Rally a success - thanks!!

Cheers, Lisa Mill

Trophy Winners and Sponsors

Most Desirable Rudge Sponsor: NRMA Classic Vehicle Insurance
1st Peter Scott - 1923 Rudge 7/9HP
2nd Scott Mill - 1937 Rudge Ulster
3rd Geoff Nicholas - 1937 Rudge 250

King of the Rally Sponsor: TJ's Tyres & Accessories
Peter Scott - 1923 Rudge 7/9HP

Best Veteran (to end 1918) Sponsor: Shannons Insurance
1st Richard Corbet - 1914 Monarch M
2nd Steve Davey - 1918 Harley Davidson F
3rd Denis Tobler - 1918 Triumph H

Best Vintage (1919 to 1930) Sponsor: Shannons Insurance
1st Bob Courtney - 1925 BSA B25
2nd Peter Scott - 1923 Rudge 7/9HP
3rd Wilf Rath - 1923 Douglas B23

Best Pre-War Classic (1931 to 1945) Sponsor: Shannons Insurance
1st John Ducat - 1937 BSA M23
2nd Kevin Spackman - 1936 Norton International
3rd Scott Mill - 1937 Rudge Ulster

Best Post-War Classic (1946 to 1960) Sponsor: Shannons Insurance
1st Floyd Primmer - 1952 Moto Guzzi Falcone Sport
2nd Rob Ducat - 1952 Matchless G9
3rd Phillip Sell - 1948 Triumph 5T Speed Twin

Best Popular Classic (1961 to 1970) Sponsor: Classic Allparts
1st Stew Ross - 1969 Ducati Mk3
2nd Stefan Jerga - 1962 Norton SS
3rd Doug Bourke - 1967 Royal Enfield Mk 1A Interceptor

Best Cherished Classic (1971 to 1981) Sponsor: TJ's Tyres & Accessories
1st Tony Powell - 1976 Kawasaki Z900 A4
2nd Phil Quinnell - 1978 Triumph Bonneville
3rd Craig Tilley - 1981 Ducati MHR 900

Best Modern (1982 to 2010) Sponsor: TJ's Tyres & Accessories
1st Jeff Riddle - 1982 Ducati Pantah
2nd Lyndon Tilbrook - 1985 Ducati MHR Mille
3rd Anthony Keene - 1985 Honda VF1000R

Best Sidecar Outfit Sponsor: Grand Prix Karting
1st Anthony Meany - 1970 Chang Jiang CJ750
2nd Glen Liddell - 1944 Indian Chief
3rd Wayne Smith - 1948 Ariel VG

Best Military Sponsor: Grand Prix Karting
1st Jim Carmody - 1940 BSA WM20
2nd Caroline Bradly - 1942 BSA WM20
3rd Jim Steed - 1941 Matchless G3L

Best Triumph Sponsor: Triumph Motorcycle Register of Australia
Bill Stone - 1970 Triumph TR6C

Myles Gilmour Memorial Trophy for the Best Triumph Twin Sponsor: Eurotune Motorcycles
Bill Stone - 1970 Triumph TR6C

Best AJS/Matchless Sponsor: Electro Plating Technology (perpetual)
Rob Ducat - 1952 Matchless G9

Best Norton Sponsor: VVCMCC
Peter Dunster - 1968 Norton Commando Fastback

Best BSA Sponsor: VVCMCC
John Ducat - 1937 BSA M23

Best American Machine Sponsor: Robbo's Harley Davidson
Mark Fitzgerald - 1923 Harley Davidson JD

Best British Machine Sponsor: VVCMCC
Peter Scott - 1923 Rudge 7/9HP

Best Asian Machine Sponsor: Dahlitz Motorcycles
Alan Munday - 1966 Suzuki T20 Hustler

Peter Barges Memorial Shield for Best New Restoration Sponsor: VVCMCC
Lyndon Tilbrook - 1985 Ducati MHR Mille

Hardluck Award Sponsor: VVCMCC (perpetual)
Stan Perry - 1963 BSA C15

Harry Julian Memorial Trophy for Best Lady Participant Sponsor: Lady Riders of VVCMCC
Caroline Bradly - 1942 BSA WM20


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