Trail Bike Ride & BBQ
Sunday, 26 September 2010

It was a beautiful spring day when the gathering of Vintage trail bikes began descending upon the Uriarra crossing car park.
Ian & Jen had already had the water boiling and set up the tea and coffee stuff.
Gradually about 22 trail bikes from various eras were lined up, we even had Col Markland on his 750 Ducati fitted with knobby tyres, interesting....Jim Steed aboard his 350 Jawa was pretty keen to test his machine out too....The atmosphere around the traps was very positive with everyone pumped for a good ride and a bit of adventure!

Soon after the riders briefing we were off except for Ray Lalic who stalled his bike at the start and was frantically trying to kick it back to life. (something about Raymond later). John Astridge and his mate Gerard were taking a few pics as we left before getting into his 4wd to do back up duties.
As I turned onto Mountain creek road I had to smile as behind me was a line of mostly '70s trailies and their riders chuckin' up dust and having fun....except for Craig Helmers aboard Adrians XR250 who after finally leaving the tar and turning onto Sawyers Gully road, promptly got a flat rear tyre and had to turn around....Cheryl Boyce's little 100 didn't fair much better as oil was pouring out from somewhere so it was better to turn it off....Craig stayed behind and kept an eye on the bikes and the ride continued.....

Over Sawyers Gully on a nice scenic ride on good trails there was plenty to see if you were riding slowly. Some riders even got caught up in a sheep muster.....We regrouped at the Doctors Flat Rd turn off, where we found out that Craig and Cheryl were no longer riding. Dean was busy attending to a vacuum leak on his high revving' PE with a bit of cloth tape and hose clamps... Anthony Meaney found a bird skull from somewhere and Dennis and I taped it to the headlight of Cols Ducati. " Rat Style"....Rod Rance enjoyed kicking his 610......Soon enough we were headed towards the last gate on Doctors Flat road some 30klms away...Up and down dale we were checking out the beautiful scenery along this part of the country, the fortunate few who have houses along here have these views every time they return home....At last after several water crossings, we approached the final one which although a challenge after rain it still managed to catch a few people out......

As we waited to photograph our intrepid club riders as they rode through the creek Ray Lalic was enjoying himself so much he gave the throttle an extra big twist, "just for the cameras" or so he says....So he comes through his own huge wall of water and proceeds to "spin 'er up" out of the creek, where he quickly found himself heading into the bush on the right ....There were about 17 riders watching, 3 taking photos so go to the website now and check out our pics...A broken front brake lever and a bent rear one, quickly straightened and we were once again on our way. "Ray the Entertainer" taking it easy in his muddy and soaked pants...through the last gate and back to the carpark every one had a great time and already talking about another one.
Deans PE came back on the ute too after the creek crossing. After that was unloaded, John Astridge went back to get Craig, taking a sausage in a roll for the poor guy.....

Ian and Jen did an awesome job catering. We had hash browns, bacon, sausages as well as some chocolates at half time....Cols Ducati made it round complete with skull, so did Jims old Jawa, he had a blast, a pregnant Caroline Brady had an awesome day and took a few great pics. Craig Mill pillioned his son Jake who left the seat a few times and Lisa said she nearly crashed a few times...Uli Schneider proved you don't need knobbys or a dirt bike to go on a trail ride. Wayne never found his side cover from last time either!......Good times! Cheers Simon.

Some PHOTOS can be seen HERE

... and Jim Steed made a video while riding the course,
which can be seen


John Waldron
Ariel VB 600
Jim Steed
Jawa 350
Uli Schneider
BMW R75/5
Colin Markland
Ducati GT750
Lisa Mill
Honda SL 175
Doug Rann
Honda XL250
Mark Foster
Yamaha DT125A
Craig & Jake Mill
Suzuki TS400
Cheryl Boyce
Yamaha AG100
Peter Jessop
Ducati GTL
Peter Dunster
Honda SL350
Gunther Ploy
Montessa 247T
Wayne Brown
Suzuki 370
Ian Duvall
Yamaha XT500
Dean Davidson
Suzuki PE
Geoff Kimpton
Suzuki DR250
Simon Whittaker
Honda XL250R
Ray Lalic
Yamaha XT250
Craig Helmers
Honda XR250
Rod Rance
Husky TE610
Caroline Bradly
Suzuki DR250
Anthony Meany
BMW F650 Dakar
Denis Murphy
Phil Thomson
Terry Riddle
Kawasaki KLX250S
Mick Gentleman
Holden FB ute
John Astridge
Back up 4wd ute
Gerard Kosmowski
Back up 4wd ute
Ian Stevens
BBQ Trailer
Jen Dwyer
BBQ Trailer