"Light Up With Lucas" Run
Friday evening, 5 March 2010

The weather was the only thing that put a damper on this ride...After the last Friday night run I was expecting a few more people to attend, alas, the days raining only saw one other die hard vvcmcc club member turn up. I decided to ride in anyway as it was only spitting a bit when I left home.... What bike to take? Well my project Honda 350F is a fairly rough looking beast anyway, so I didn't mind if it got wet...So there I was at 7.20pm, waiting at the carpark for you all to turn up...Diana Hodge did so where the bloody hell were the rest of you? Anyway we both decided to do the run and had a lovely meal and a chat down at the Yarralumla turkish restaurant. Borck filos and a mixed grill was ordered, along with some coffees. The rain had stopped by now and it was quite mild too. The owners started packing up around us at 9.30 so we became the only patrons there, at a table, out on the footpath, under the stars......The food here is really good and I can recommend you pay a visit next time you're down that way....All to soon it was time to leave, Diana hopped in her car and I set off into the night just as the rain started to come down again....So that'll be 2 Morriset points for me and 1 for Diana for effort....... Cheers Simon Whittaker.

Some photos can be seen HERE

Roll Call

Simon Whittaker
Honda CB350F
Diana Hodge
Small 4wd??