VVCMCC Notices

The Veteran Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club of ACT Inc.

VVCMCC ACT - What the Club Expects of its Members:

Be of good character and avoid bringing the club into disrepute.

Be a good representative and uphold the reputation of the Club, be mindful that your actions reflect the Club’s values.

Treat all Club members and their property with respect.

Do not make racial, ethnic, or gender-related slurs.

Respect and appreciate the Volunteers who give up their time to help the Club and/or events.

Abide by road rules and state/territory/national laws including and not limited to public health restrictions and requirements.

Be respectful toward public officers including police, fire, road, emergency, and authorised staff.

Support the activities of the Club by attending runs and events throughout the year. Remember that all new members, past, present, and future indicate their interest in historic motorcycles and a desire to attend events.

Volunteer for backup trailer, BBQ trailer or assist at the annual swap meet, rally, or other events if/when you can.

If you feel that any member is breaching the spirit of these guidelines, please bring it to the attention of the Club Committee or the Club Floor Member.

Please Note:

This club is first and foremost for encouraging and supporting the maintenance and use of historic motorcycles, secondly for its members who enjoy and wish to be around historic motorcycles, and lastly for those who appreciate motorcycles of all marques, era, and style.

Club members are usually interested in our club for the following reasons:

They own, restore, or have a connection with historic, classic or collector motorcycles.

They enjoy riding historic motorcycles.

They enjoy riding alongside other historic motorcycles.

Our club caters for these members by endeavouring to provide:

Regular club rides and events, and attendance at public vehicle displays.

A club website plus a regular magazine.

Backup trailer support and BBQ trailer where possible and appropriate.

Sponsorship for concessional registration of historic motorcycles.


Just a reminder that our club magazine “Bike Torque” contains names and photos from runs and events that may include yourself, your motorcycles and/or cars, your family and friends, and maybe even some people who are not your friends. Sometimes number plates appear, but we try to keep this to a minimum.

We also receive stories from members and sometimes non-members, and sometimes these may include names and photos etc as described above, and sometimes we find or are provided with funny, interesting, or informative things found on the web, or from generous members’ own history or collections.

To a lesser extent, the same can be said of our website.

Basically, if you need to maintain absolute invisibility, or if you are in a witness protection program, you will have to maintain your own privacy by use of sheets, invisibility cloaks or local vegetation. We find you all very attractive, not to mention your machines, and we try to include everyone in time.

Alternately, if you are eager to appear in the magazine or on our club website, simply make your desire known and we will do our best to accommodate.

But seriously, we are a small club of like-minded individuals, led by some relaxed but dedicated volunteers. We all do our best and try to never offend or exclude.

VVCMCC Policy on Overnight and Other Runs in Addition to Club Events

Concessional Registration Scheme is only viable if Clubs adhere to the governing rules.  A member can have his/her Concessional Registration if they are found not to comply.

The Club endorses the use of Concessionally Registered Vehicles if the following are adhered to:

Overnight Runs: (open to all club members) organised by Club Members: 

  • Date and destination of the event approved by the Committee.
  • The event will not be approved if it clashes with important events for the Club such as but not limited to the Swap Meet, Presentation Dinner. 
  • The event once approved by the Committee will appear in the Club’s magazine, Website of Facebook page as an upcoming Club event. 
  • A roll call is to be provided to the Registrar at the conclusion of the event. 
  • Overnight runs are open to all members

Additional Runs: (generally by invitation only) organised by Club Members: 

  • Each participant to request permission to take a Concessionally Registered Vehicle from the Registrar prior to the event.
  • The participants approval from the Registrar should be taken to the event as proof of approval in case of any issues with Police etc. 
  • The event will not appear as an upcoming Club event, it will not be advertised. 
  • Additional runs are generally by invitation only
  • Whoever organises the event takes responsibility for the event.

Other Clubs Rallies and Runs: are permissible if they have been noted in the Club’s magazine, Website of Facebook page.

Note: Morisset Points will not be awarded for attendance at other Club’s Rallies.

Notice to Members – Use of the Club Bike Trailer

“Without prejudice” 


The Club has a bike trailer that has a net load limit of 500 kg (ideal for two bikes, but has mountings for up to three bikes).  The trailer is available for back-up (recovery) purposes on Club events and upon request to members to use locally at a cost of $50, during non VVCMCC event periods. 

The use of the trailer is conditional on the understanding that the trailer is to be operated in strict accordance with current road regulations, including tyre loadings, speed, etc.  Correct tyre pressures, couplings and working electrics should be verified before each use.

Any loss of equipment or damage caused to the trailer whilst in the care of the borrower is to be repaired by the borrower of the trailer at his/her expense ASAP to keep the trailer available for Club use.

The trailer is only covered by the insurance which covers the vehicle that is towing it, therefore Third Party Insurance alone is insufficient.  You should discuss with your insurer prior to borrowing the trailer.  

Any person using the trailer for Club or other recovery purposes is reminded that the bike owner/operator must be satisfied that their bike is tied down securely, but it is the tow vehicle driver that is ultimately responsible.

If you have any doubts, DON’T USE THE TRAILER !!!

VVCMCC ACT - Catering List for Club BBQs

Please buy good quality but keep to the list below:

  • 10 kgs (about100) Thin sausages
  • 6 loaves of Sliced Bread
  • 2 Litres of Lite milk
  • 2 Kgs of sliced onions
  • 1 tub margarine
  • 1 bag of Ice

There should be Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Stirrers, Sauces, Salt, Cooking oil/spray, Foam cups, Serviettes, Rubber Gloves in the trailer if there is not enough, they can be collected from the shed.

PS:  Make sure the sauce bottles are stored in the esky between runs.

“Please keep all Receipts for purchases and give them to the Treasurer and he will refund you the money”.

Contact Andrew Flowers to arrange pickup of the BBQ trailer

VVCMCC ACT - Check List for Club Trailer Users

Make sure the stabilizer legs are up and locking bolt is tight before moving.
Check tyre pressure, including spare (36psi) and that all lights are working.
Check that there is at least one FULL gas bottle.
When filling water tank ONLY use the hose provided.
Clean the BBQ plate and wash with hot water after use, wash all utensils, wipe the bench etc. Drain and clean the Esky.
Drain the water tank after each use.

If you find anything not right or is a concern please report to Events officer or other committee member.

Please leave the Trailer and the BBQ clean!!!!

NOTE 1: There is a wheel brace and Jack in the toolbox under the BBQ in case of a flat tyre.  

NOTE 2: For Southside trailer pickup contact Lou Baljak to arrange access.

VVCMCC ACT - Conditional Rego use at Other Events

The use of reciprocal agreements between clubs is quite common, and a great way to encourage members to visit other clubs and regions.

Technically if a reciprocal agreement is in place, you are legally allowed to use a conditionally registered vehicle to attend the event, and to travel to and from the event, and therefore your vehicle insurance should also be honoured. However, to remove all doubt and concern there are three simple choices;

a) Advise our Club Register of your plans beforehand, preferably in writing / text / email, or

b) Ask our Club Registrar, Editor or Secretary to add the event to our Other Events page in Bike Torque, or

c) If your conditional registration allows for periods of personal use, such as the NSW n ACT 60 Day log book scheme, you may choose to attend the event as personal use.

You must abide by state/territory laws and guidelines with respect to travel and for use of conditionally registered vehicles to ensure you are covered by CTP, and you should be aware of any restrictions, limitations, or requirements of any Comprehensive, Third Party Property or other personally obtained insurance.